Building From the 80s Gets a Modern Makeover

Sticking out like a sore thumb, in the best possible way, amid a sea of dull buildings in Seoul, South Korea, DaeWha Kang Design revives a building from the 1980’s to reflect today’s modern style. The London-based design studio transformed the aging structure into a professional, contemporary space by giving it a much needed facelift from top to bottom.

This Cliff House Went Over the Edge

When we think of a “cliff house”, we typically imagine it as a domicile that’s on top of a cliff. This particular cliff house, though, wasn’t content on sitting atop a crag and having a breath-taking view. It took things to a whole new level by literally hanging over the cliff’s edge.

Hanging Stairs Defy the Law of Gravity

Looking like a modern art installation with its bright red color set against a plain white wall, the hanging red staircase built inside Elvaston place – a residential house in London – is actually a functional structure. A collaboration among architectural design company Michaelis Boyd Associates, stairway solution firm Diapo, and Webb Yates Engineers resulted in a gravity-defying staircase inspired by Do Ho Suh’s art installation “Staircase-III”.

Old Fort Turned Luxury Hotel

Originally built between 1867 and 1880 as a first line of defense from a possible French invasion, No Man’s Fort is located on a man-made island on the river that separates the Isle of Wight from England. After two years of renovation, just one of 3 by Amazing Venues, the historic sea fort has been transformed into a posh, modern hotel.