Hyperrealistic Paintings Brings Nostalgia Back For Many

Creating a sense of nostalgia one brushstroke at a time, Doug Bloodworth recreates tasty treats and good old paperback entertainment with his hyperrealistic old paintings. Inspired by artist Duane Hanson, famous for his incredibly life-like fiberglass sculptures of common people, the Florida-based artist paints amazingly realistic close-up images of beloved sweet and salty snacks, paperback comics, crossword puzzles, coloring books, and even board games.

Paintings of Animals with Landscape Bodies

Daniel Mackie’s beautiful watercolor paintings add a new dimension to the animals he draws. Each animal’s body is illustrated by a lush and detailed landscape. According to his website, “Daniel is a big fan of the printmakers of the Ukiyo-e period, which was between the 17th and 20th centuries.”

Detailed Coffee-Based Drawings

Merging her love for coffee with her art background, illustrator Maria A. Aristidou creates images of some of her favorite things using water paint paper and up to five different coffee blends. From a charging elephant to a frolicking mermaid, the range of what can be done with a coffee stain is impressive.

Whimsical Light Painted Images by Darren Pearson

Darren Pearson creates unreal glowing images against a natural background with nothing but a light source and his camera. The Los Angeles-based artist has been honing his craft since 2008 with store-bought flashlights at first and now with his own customized flashlights to create finer lines and brush attachments which allows him to change light colors and to paint bigger figures.