Paper Art

Set Designer Creates Amazingly Realistic Paper Props

Adriana Napolitano shows some serious folding and curling skills as she fills scenes with items made with nothing but paper. In addition to creating hand-made props, she also creates paper costumes and headdresses for portrait photography featuring a streamlined effect unmatched by any other material and only in the hands of a crafty artist like hers.

A Sight to Behold: Pretty Papercut Art

Cultures throughout the world have their own takes on papercut art. Artist Suzy Taylor, however, takes hers to another level with her stunning papercut art. Each of her pieces is produced with both creativity and precision, resulting in works featuring astonishing detail. The artist uses only two things in her creations: a single piece of paper and a craft knife.

Artist Turns Books Into Mysterious Dioramas

Some people can easily get lost in the pages of a good book but artist Isobelle Ouzman provides an alternative way of escaping from reality with her “Altered Books” series. Transforming discarded books into customized, beautiful works of art, she breathes new life to a once- beloved work of literature.

Adam Tran’s Amazing Origami

Vietnamese chemistry teacher, Adam Tran, practices the ancient art of origami with care and precision. A member of the Vietnam Origami Group, Tran’s exceptional dinosaurs, preying mantises and winged gladiators illustrate the amazing ways he manipulates paper.

Paper Cut Illustrations by Polly Lindsay

London-based illustrator Polly Lindsay has been exploring and combining graphics with handcrafted design. Just recently she became fascinated with paper craft – transforming pieces of paper into something tangible. Check out Lindsay’s work which revolves around layering hand-cut pieces of paper to create abstract, geometric shapes.