3D Art Using Scribe Colored Pencils

Art Director Camilo Gallon, of Melborp advertising agency, shows the effect of Scribe Colored Pencils firsthand with his illustrations of a unicorn, dinosaur and mermaid. In the series, one part of each drawing is colored and pops out of the page while the rest of the illustration, that isn’t colored, is flat and lifeless.

Brilliant Guerilla Marketing Tactics

Advertising is a sure-fire way for businesses to get people in the door and some intend to leave a lasting impression when they put their names out there. After all, Americans are exposed to approximately 3,000 ads a day, so going the extra length could make all the difference. The utilization of these not-so-subtle tactics […]

51 Absolutely Creative and Clever Advertisements

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be a good marketer — but being creative sure does help. Check out these 50 incredibly, clever ads that leverage the power of creative marketing. Without using a wall of text to attract potential customers these ads help get a message across or distinguish a brand from their competitors by using dramatic imagery and playing on emotions.