This Tool Slices and Dices Vegetables Perfectly

Not all great inventions become commercial successes. However, that fact shouldn’t take anything away from such inspired works. Take this homemade cutter invented by an Indian for one, which allows users to effortlessly have perfectly sliced and diced vegetables. It’s useful if you want your salads or other vegetable dishes to look more appetizing.

Mad Genius Invents Bed That Ejects You When It’s Time to Wake Up

This mad genius has finally devised a solution to a problem that has plagued mankind since sleeping was invented. Colin Furze, the engineer who was also the brains behind the set of retractable Wolverine claws (yes, he’s on a roll), has come up with the perfect fix for sleepyheads who find it tough to get up in the morning: a bed that literally launches you when the alarm goes off.

LEGO Is Awesome, so Is Gummy LEGO Candy

LEGO is so just so fun, so great, that most of us never outgrow it. The same can be said for gummy candies, whether they come in the form of bears, worms, or geckos. Now, put these two together and we have something that deserves our affection for all eternity. Grant Thompson is the genius […]