Creative Use of Broken Pottery

A broken pot can be a portal to a fantastic world. These photos show how broken pots are made into creative garden arrangements and fairy pots. The pots can be from accidentally broken ones or deliberately broken. Soaking a pot and then using a craft drill or file on the weakened shape of the pot can create a deliberate break.

Easy Way to Make Your Walls Fancy

Sometimes you need to gussy up the broadside of a barn. These paint rollers from The Painted House, a UK based company, should do the job. The rollers come in different designs are reusable and interchangeable. If your barn does not need to get fancy you can use them on old furniture or make your own wrapping paper.

Coca Cola Gets Green

Coca Cola joins the green revolution by offering the people of Vietnam a way to upcycle their empty Coke bottles into something fun and practical with their 2nd Lives campaign.

Coby Kennedy’s Street Sign Weapons

Brooklyn resident and artist Coby Kennedy has seen the future for common street signs—they can be used as weapons. Kennedy crafts a variety of signs, including street names and Stop signs, into swords, shields and other frightening weapons.