Shoes to Indulge a Tasty Shoe Fetish

Shoe Bakery combines what any red-blooded female openly desires, shoes and desserts with the slight caveat that these pairs only looks good enough to eat but falls short of actually being edible. Satisfying every girl’s confectionery dreams, the handmade masterpieces hits the full spectrum of sweet delights from Pink Sprinkle flats to Ice Cream Heels.

Colleen Jordan’s Wearable Planters

For tree-huggers and plant lovers alike, Colleen Jordan’s adorable wearable planters are a creative way to carry a little bit of nature with you. The Industrial Design graduate uses 3-D printed nylon plastic to construct the wearable small pots. You can wear the unique accessories around your neck, pin them to your favorite outfit, or even attach one to your bike.

A Fresh Take on Designer Heels Using 3D Printers

United Nude and 3D Systems brought together a collaboration from 5 creatives that made headlines at this year’s “Re-Inventing Shoes” exhibition at Milan Design Week. From the lattice work to the nature-inspired matrices, each novelty pair is an exploration on the limits of functionality and fashionable design.