Interior Design

Godzilla Hotel

To commemorate one of their country’s greatest contributions to pop culture, Japan names Godzilla tourism ambassador for the city’s Shinjuku ward. Apart from a real-scale head of the city-destroying monster displayed on the balcony of a commercial complex at the Kabukicho shopping district in Tokyo, the Hotel Gracery Shinjuku is also dedicating some suites in its hotel in honor of the momentous occasion.

Secret Door Leads to Speakeasy

In China, a hidden door provides the only separation to the ultimate juxtaposition between light and dark and lunch or spirits in Flask and The Press. No one is the wiser as the vintage Coca Cola vending machine leading to the hidden lounge doesn’t look particularly out of place against the wall of The Press sandwich shop and this is exactly what makes Flask different amid the number of speakeasy-themed bars sprouting around the area.