Emotional Cups from Gawatt

Whether it be creating a character for you coffee, or simply letting everyone know how you’re feeling, these innovative souvenir cups sure do raise a smile. Or frown. Or wink. Courtesy of designers at Backbone Branding it’s a limited edition range exclusively for Gawatt.

Easy Way to Make Your Walls Fancy

Sometimes you need to gussy up the broadside of a barn. These paint rollers from The Painted House, a UK based company, should do the job. The rollers come in different designs are reusable and interchangeable. If your barn does not need to get fancy you can use them on old furniture or make your own wrapping paper.

Eerily Realistic Stuffed Animals

If you’ve ever wanted to own your own tiger cub, Lee Cross can get you an incredibly lifelike version in plush. This talented Alaskan, employs a detailed and precise technique to create one-of-a-kind stuffed animals. Each animal in handmade with care and can sell for as much as $900.

Bubble Wrap That You Wouldn’t Pop

Japanese designer Daisuke Akiyama wants to make it harder to enjoy a whimsical pastime. Watching a solitary goldfish swimming in it’s fishbowl inspired him to come up with the goldfish bubble wrap. The illusion of miniature goldfish swimming in each bubble transforms the common packing material.

Wooden Sushi Blocks for Children

Teach your kids the difference between their “shari” (rice) and their “neta” (fish) with this endearing tsumkiki-sushi set. No need to worry about the smells and sticky mess, all pieces are crafted from wooden blocks, finished in a host of colors and shapes to replicate everyone’s favorite Asian treat.