Spintop Snipers

The folks at Kuma Films are known to travel the world in search for the best street performers, and they certainly found them in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Check out this group of experts spinning top players perform trick shots with unbelievable accuracy. You won’t believe your eyes.

Hypnotizing Optical Illusion Rings

Whatever you do, try not to stare too long at the rotating objects. You might just go into a trance. We’re not strangers to this kind of act, but this guy’s isolations of his props, including 8 ring, triple hoop, yin yang, puyo pop ring, and buugeng eightyring are on another level.

The Ultimate Slip n’ Slide

Airtrack Mats are inflatable mats specially designed to help athletes train and perfect their techniques safely. For world renowned freerunner, stuntman and gymnast Damien Walters, they’re also great for some good ol’ summer time shenanigans. After a long day of training, Damien and friends decided to cover their mats in soapy water to create the ultimate slip n’ slide.

Power Ranger Parkour

Cameron Sun of Cam’s Creations enlisted freerunner Omar Zaki to star in his latest short. Power Ranger Parkour follows Zaki freerun around town while wearing a Red Power Ranger outfit. His jumps, flips and spins are on point, but we’re not sure about his fighting skills though.

Chilean Military Assault Course Relay Race

This military assault course in Chile may be one of the toughest obstacle course we’ve seen. Even tougher are these Chilean soldiers that complete the course at jaw-dropping speed. Watch as these super-fit competitors sprint, crawl and launch themselves up ladders, over logs and high walls without skipping a beat.

Multitasking While Skiing

Nicholas Vuigner films himself skiing using a contraption he invented himself and the resulting video is quite mesmerizing. The professional Swiss skier has been pondering his next great idea for the better part of the last two years and what he came up with involved some creative ingenuity and innovation.