Lexus Unveils Its Hoverboard

Who would’ve thought that a Japanese automaker would be the first to unveil a fully functioning hoverboard that works on multiple surfaces, even on water. The Lexus Hoverboard is the future of boarding, and employs an existing technology called superconducting magnetic levitation to levitate.

Tricked-Out Roomba Creates Amazing Abstract Paintings

It turns out, even a robotic vacuum cleaner can aspire to be a Picasso in the hands of Japanese engineer who goes by the name HYdeJII. Armed with four PET bottles of paint, HYdeJII reprogrammed his Roomba, affectionately called Head-kun, to drop just a dribble of paint in random motions over a large canvas turning the automated vacuum into a lean mean painting machine.

Watch This Furry Mirror Come Alive

We’re still unsure whether to pet or be creeped out by Daniel Rozin’s PomPom Mirror. The interactive installation playfully reflects the actions of the person standing in front of it with the help of Microsoft’s Kinect camera positioned right above it to track one’s movements.

A Fresh Take on Designer Heels Using 3D Printers

United Nude and 3D Systems brought together a collaboration from 5 creatives that made headlines at this year’s “Re-Inventing Shoes” exhibition at Milan Design Week. From the lattice work to the nature-inspired matrices, each novelty pair is an exploration on the limits of functionality and fashionable design.

Spinning 3D Sculptures Create Awesome Illusion

While these Fibonacci Zoetrope Sculptures can stand on their own as beautiful and modern decorative pieces, their true potential is unlocked when spun around on its base. Artist and designer John Edmark from Stanford University looked to the natural Fibonacci sequence occurring in pine cones and sunflowers as his inspiration to create the 3D printed sculptures.