Video Game Projection Wedding Cake

Nostalgia at a wedding reception won’t be limited to the slideshow of the newlywed’s baby pictures if it features this video game wedding cake.  Guests will see flashbacks as they see Donkey Kong throw barrels down or as Mario dutifully climbs up the ladder to the next tier of the cake. 

Girl Time Travels to Her Past Using Photographs

“What if-if you bumped into yourself somewhere on the stairs, or what if you didn’t realize you just walked past yourself?” These are the words of Chino Otsuka as she explains the concept behind the series Imagine Finding Me. The visual artist has embraced time travel by using photography and video to place herself in well-appointed spots in earlier photos of herself.

51 Absolutely Creative and Clever Advertisements

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be a good marketer — but being creative sure does help. Check out these 50 incredibly, clever ads that leverage the power of creative marketing. Without using a wall of text to attract potential customers these ads help get a message across or distinguish a brand from their competitors by using dramatic imagery and playing on emotions.