Everyday Objects Turned Into 3d Art

Christoph Niemann creates a series of absurdly convincing 3D images using everyday objects in Sunday Sketches. Manipulating mundane items to be viewed in a completely different light when coupled with his clever sketches, the New York-based artist takes the saying ‘thinking outside the box’ in a whole other level.

Artist Turns Books Into Mysterious Dioramas

Some people can easily get lost in the pages of a good book but artist Isobelle Ouzman provides an alternative way of escaping from reality with her “Altered Books” series. Transforming discarded books into customized, beautiful works of art, she breathes new life to a once- beloved work of literature.

Spinning 3D Sculptures Create Awesome Illusion

While these Fibonacci Zoetrope Sculptures can stand on their own as beautiful and modern decorative pieces, their true potential is unlocked when spun around on its base. Artist and designer John Edmark from Stanford University looked to the natural Fibonacci sequence occurring in pine cones and sunflowers as his inspiration to create the 3D printed sculptures.

Real People Turned Into Flat Images

Alexa Meade throws us in for a loop by skipping the canvas altogether by painting something three dimensional and tricking the eye into seeing a flat piece of art. . The Los Angeles based artist was slated to go into a career into political science when her dabbles in painting shadows provided a eureka moment that led her to doing art full time.