30 Ad Placement Snafus

Sometimes even the best-designed advertisement can become a complete failure because of where it’s placed. From unfortunate misspellings to sexual innuendos, sometimes it really is all about location, location, location.

Emotional Cups from Gawatt

Whether it be creating a character for you coffee, or simply letting everyone know how you’re feeling, these innovative souvenir cups sure do raise a smile. Or frown. Or wink. Courtesy of designers at Backbone Branding it’s a limited edition range exclusively for Gawatt.

One Star for a Crack, Snog or Sack at Road Lodge

Hilariously embracing their mediocrity and wearing their one star with chest-beating pride, this campaign is akin to anti-advertising. “We use our one star for what counts” runs the tagline above the Road Lodge hotel posters. If these images don’t tempt you to book a room, nothing will.