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One Star for a Crack, Snog or Sack at Road Lodge

Hilariously embracing their mediocrity and wearing their one star with chest-beating pride, this campaign is akin to anti-advertising. “We use our one star for what counts” runs the tagline above the Road Lodge hotel posters. If these images don’t tempt you to book a room, nothing will.

Brilliant Guerilla Marketing Tactics

Advertising is a sure-fire way for businesses to get people in the door and some intend to leave a lasting impression when they put their names out there. After all, Americans are exposed to approximately 3,000 ads a day, so going the extra length could make all the difference. The utilization of these not-so-subtle tactics […]

51 Absolutely Creative and Clever Advertisements

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be a good marketer — but being creative sure does help. Check out these 50 incredibly, clever ads that leverage the power of creative marketing. Without using a wall of text to attract potential customers these ads help get a message across or distinguish a brand from their competitors by using dramatic imagery and playing on emotions.