Artist Turns Books Into Mysterious Dioramas

Some people can easily get lost in the pages of a good book but artist Isobelle Ouzman provides an alternative way of escaping from reality with her “Altered Books” series. Transforming discarded books into customized, beautiful works of art, she breathes new life to a once- beloved work of literature.

The Lilliputian Worlds of Kendal Murray

Each object is its own little world. That’s what artist Kendal Murray’s miniature sculptures seem to portray. Teacups, coin purses and compacts are just some of the worlds her landscapes encompass. The objects delineate the boundaries so hopefully the little sculptured people don’t fall off that teacup.

William Kass’s Food Art

Using tiny people figures and various fruits and vegetables, Kass creates miniature scenes that could pass for real events. From sunbathers on an orange half to a fisherman casting away in a coconut shell, these creative works will make you look at the food on your plate in a whole new light.