These Dogs Are Ready to Come Out and Play

Valerie Susik draws a series of adorable canine portraits in realistic detail but that’s not the only thing that makes her work cleverly creative. Using Instagram photographs of dogs she personally found to be irresistible, the Russian illustrator recreates their cute mugs with watercolor posing them in a way as if to interact with their real life surroundings.

Photographs of Dogs Wearing Cones of Shame

Photographer Ty Foster was inspired to create his dogs wearing cones of shame series when his father sent him a picture of his two dogs in the post-vet healing collars. While these devices are a necessary evil for animals to heal, Foster’s portraits aptly depict the humiliating and unbearable experience the dogs have while wearing them.

Dogs Strike Poses with Silly Chew Toys

There’s something both irresistible and a little mean about the silly things people do to their dogs. In this series of photos, we can all crack a smile at the expense of these unsuspecting pups as they pose with their goofy chew toys. Some dogs are meant to look like they have huge red lips, others, mustaches, but none of the dogs realize just how much they like look like happy idiots.