Hyperrealistic Paintings Brings Nostalgia Back For Many

Creating a sense of nostalgia one brushstroke at a time, Doug Bloodworth recreates tasty treats and good old paperback entertainment with his hyperrealistic old paintings. Inspired by artist Duane Hanson, famous for his incredibly life-like fiberglass sculptures of common people, the Florida-based artist paints amazingly realistic close-up images of beloved sweet and salty snacks, paperback comics, crossword puzzles, coloring books, and even board games.

Artist Sketches 50 Realistic Foods Everyday for 50 Days

CJ Hendry illustrates different food on French designer plates that are amazingly real and so well done that it’s hard to believe she made each one in just a day for her series “50 Foods in 50 Days.” Posting a picture of her work on her Instagram account every 24 hours, Hendry exhibits complete devotion to her hyperrealism art as no detail is neglected in the ornate, oversized plates nor in the featured food item of the day.