These Awesome Illustrations Will Remind You What’s Wrong in the World

Art can be so great because it can be a potent weapon that you can wield to get a message across. In this case, illustrator/animator Steve Cutts used his art to depict the things that are wrong in the world. He comments on the ills of society such as consumerism, capitalism, materialism, and gluttony through his illustrations. Cutts’ caricatures pretty much says, “hey, we may be going about life the wrong way–let’s rectify that.” Everyone should take the time to check out Cutts’ fine work below.

NSFW: Disney Princesses Reimagined as Sultry Pin-Up Models

Frozen sisters Elsa and Anna will never be the same again in your eyes after seeing their curvy behinds in this series of Disney princesses re-imagined as sexy ,and dare we say erotic, pin-up models. Elsa and Anna will have you, uh, “frozen” in a whole new way. LA-based artist Andrew Tarusov is the illustrator behind these seductive versions of the usually child-friendly Disney princesses.

Detailed Coffee-Based Drawings

Merging her love for coffee with her art background, illustrator Maria A. Aristidou creates images of some of her favorite things using water paint paper and up to five different coffee blends. From a charging elephant to a frolicking mermaid, the range of what can be done with a coffee stain is impressive.

Sofia Monsters Invade

In their witty combination of familiar landmarks around Sofia, Bulgaria, and kitschy monster illustrations, Atanas Kutsev (photos) and Tochka (illustrations), bring humor to the daily grind. Sofia Monsters shows the lazy and funn

Whimsical Found Art Illustrations

Quirky illustrator, Roger Chouinard, uses the discarded objects he or his friends find around California alleys to create fun illustrations of animals, birds, robots and whatever else strikes his fancy. His recent series of illustrations is captured in a picture book called, PLAYBOOK Fun with Found Objects.

Paper Cut Illustrations by Polly Lindsay

London-based illustrator Polly Lindsay has been exploring and combining graphics with handcrafted design. Just recently she became fascinated with paper craft – transforming pieces of paper into something tangible. Check out Lindsay’s work which revolves around layering hand-cut pieces of paper to create abstract, geometric shapes.