Elin Thomas’s Mold Art

Elin Thomas sees mold in an artistic light. Using moldy Petri dishes as her base, she adds embroidery thread, crochet and needle felting to create brooches, rings and textile pieces. The results are a lot less creepy than you’d expect.

Delectable Food Accessories

Ever seen fake food displayed while casually passing by a restaurant and thought how believable it looks? Well it looks like fake food aren’t just for restaurant display cases anymore as Hatanaka, the Japan-based company specializing in the fake food craft since 1965, is branching out to spreading food cravings via fashion accessories.

Upcycled Jewelry That is Simply Delightful

Fashionistas and tree-huggers alike will revel at the hand-crafted accessories made by Marcel Dunger. The Germany-based artist gives broken pieces of maple wood a second life with the help of colorful, eco-friendly resin. Dunger presses the wood into the biodegradable resin and polishes them into their desired shape for a collection that is definitely unique […]