Artists Tells Us That Life Sucks through Beautiful Watercolor Art

Initially, this artist only had a pentel watercolor brush pen but had zero ideas what to write with it. The artist then channelled her dislike for inspirational quotes–which she finds extremely superficial–and turned it into gorgeous watercolor artworks. She probably thought that there are already a lot of people that are saying that life is all roses and butterflies, but not enough that think that life just flat-out sucks.

Artist Gives Us a Painted View From Above

For those who wish to travel more but life keeps getting in the way, Jim Darling gives us the next best thing until that day comes. From frolicking hills to the soft blue skies, the series provide a window to our beautiful world as a reminder to get out to see them firsthand from our own window seat on the plane.

Tricked-Out Roomba Creates Amazing Abstract Paintings

It turns out, even a robotic vacuum cleaner can aspire to be a Picasso in the hands of Japanese engineer who goes by the name HYdeJII. Armed with four PET bottles of paint, HYdeJII reprogrammed his Roomba, affectionately called Head-kun, to drop just a dribble of paint in random motions over a large canvas turning the automated vacuum into a lean mean painting machine.

Paintings of Animals with Landscape Bodies

Daniel Mackie’s beautiful watercolor paintings add a new dimension to the animals he draws. Each animal’s body is illustrated by a lush and detailed landscape. According to his website, “Daniel is a big fan of the printmakers of the Ukiyo-e period, which was between the 17th and 20th centuries.”