See These Gorgeous Images of a Real-Life Waterworld

Many of us have imagined what it’s like to live on water, and have wondered if it’s truly better than living on land. Based on Malaysian lensman Ng Choo Kia’s beautiful images, it certainly appears to be an attractive option. The photographer captured the way of life of Malaysia’s Bajau people who live in stilted homes atop clear, turquoise waters.

Seth Casteel’s Underwater Babies Spotlights Babies Water Reactions

In his gleeful new photographic series, Underwater Babies, Seth Casteel points his camera and captures babies’ reactions to being underwater. While the photos are staged, you get a sense of all the dramatic responses the little ones have to their water experience—surprise, glee, mischievousness and everything in between. Casteel hopes to encourage parents to invest in teaching their infants how to swim to prevent drowning tragedies.

The Gritty Work of Kim Thue

There is a beauty to contrast. When light and dark come together to highlight the shapes and lines that make up the whole. The work of Kim Thue has this contrast. The photographer is originally from a tiny Danish town called Grindsted that sits on the moors of Jutland.