pop culture

Superheroes Succumb to Old Age

Our favorite heroes can easily take down bad guys, but one thing they cannot fight is time. In a series called ‘Famous Oldies’, illustrator Alex Solis reimagines pop culture characters as older versions of themselves. And by old, we mean geriatric-old. Characters like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Hulk, and even Mario succumb to time, but still go about their day fighting crime and saving lives. Only this time, while sporting less chiseled physique and more saggy skin.

Cats Reimagined as Pop Culture Icons

We’ve seen cats in noble attire before but for Shanghai-based illustrator A Ke, felines are much more than a pet in stuffy clothing. The Shanghai-based illustrator created a collection of our beloved, furry pets reimagined as pop culture icons from Darth Vacat to Batcat, thus proving the flexibility of the adorable felines are not limited to landing on their feet.