Primitive Technology Builds Dome Hut by Hand

Before Primitive Technology built and moved into his luxurious wood and clay hut complete with a fireplace, he slummed it in a thatched dome hut. In case you’re interested, the dome hut is available and may still be on the market. It’s completely built by hand, 8 feet wide in diameter, 6-1/4 feet tall, and designed to shed rain and funnel smoke well while retaining heat. Serious inquiries only please.

Jason Thielke’s Laser-Cut Human Wood Panels

Jason Thielke’s expressive laser-cut wood panels are detailed in a haunting way. Each image is created using acrylic paint and ink to fill in the facial marks that are reminiscent of a human blueprint. Theikle’s work has been exhibited throughout the United States, and is currently on display at the David B. Smith Gallery in Denver, Colorado.

Upcycled Jewelry That is Simply Delightful

Fashionistas and tree-huggers alike will revel at the hand-crafted accessories made by Marcel Dunger. The Germany-based artist gives broken pieces of maple wood a second life with the help of colorful, eco-friendly resin. Dunger presses the wood into the biodegradable resin and polishes them into their desired shape for a collection that is definitely unique […]