The Flexibility of the Skin We Are In

Juuke Schoorl exposes the often overlooked abilities of our skin with her final graduation project REK (‘stretch’ in Dutch). Using nothing but basic items like nylon fishing rope and tape to create small manipulations to the skin, the Dutch photographer is able to create an uncomfortable and an out of this world effect to the largest organ of the body. Bringing into focus its inherent flexibility beyond self-expression, REK serves as a reminder to appreciate the skin we are in for the purpose it serves and the possibilities beyond the obvious.

Juuke Schoorl_Rek_stretching_skin_01

Juuke Schoorl_Rek_stretching_skin_03

Juuke Schoorl_Rek_stretching_skin_04

Juuke Schoorl_Rek_stretching_skin_05

Juuke Schoorl_Rek_stretching_skin_06

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