Artist Draws Insanely Precise and Symmetrical Illustrations

Pavneet Sembhi‘s amazingly precise and symmetrical artwork looks like they’ve been digitally created and printed but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s hard to believe that the London-based self-taught artist designs everything free-handed with nothing but a fine-tip black pen as each intricately designed illustration displays the most insane balanced patterns. One can easily get lost in the network of pathways within some of her more abstract designs and if you’re like us, you’re akin to look for differences and nuances to see if they really are hand drawn.

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Pavneet_ Sembhi_blackandwhite_illustration

Pavneet_ Sembhi_blackandwhite_illustration_01

Pavneet_ Sembhi_blackandwhite_illustration_02

Pavneet_ Sembhi_blackandwhite_illustration_03

Pavneet_ Sembhi_blackandwhite_illustration_04

Pavneet_ Sembhi_blackandwhite_illustration_05

Pavneet_ Sembhi_blackandwhite_illustration_06

Pavneet_ Sembhi_blackandwhite_illustration_07

Pavneet_ Sembhi_blackandwhite_illustration_08

Pavneet_ Sembhi_blackandwhite_illustration_09

Pavneet_ Sembhi_blackandwhite_illustration_10

Pavneet_ Sembhi_blackandwhite_illustration_11

Pavneet_ Sembhi_blackandwhite_illustration_12