Cyclocable Gives the Tired Legs of Bicyclists a Rest

Unless you’re training for a grueling race, hills are no fun for vehicles and people alike. In comes the Cyclocable, a lift that gives bicyclists and virtually anyone else toting wheels, a helping hand up a steep hill. The first of the bicycle lift was invented back in 1992 by bike enthusiast Jarle Wanvik who lived and worked in Trondheim, Norway. The owner of Design Management AS found it a nuisance arriving at a destination hot and sweaty after pedaling up a steep hill and the Trampe, modeled after a ski lift, was installed the year after. Despite having transported over 200,000 people in 15 years without one accident, the original lift was redesigned by SKIRAIL to feature retractable foot plates and with a speed of 5 mph, the Cyclocable can carry up to 300 bicyclists per hour up the 426 feet incline.

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