Deconstructing the Practicality of Everyday Objects

With the motto “Unlikely…but not Impossible,” Giuseppe Colarusso thinks outside the box and deconstructs the practicality of everyday objects to render them absolutely useless. The Italian artist helps us appreciate the ingenuity of those who came up with these products by adding slight modifications that brings each item’s specific design into perspective. With each adjustment here and there, Colarusso imparts a statement on how design really does follow functionality.

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Giuseppe_ Colarusso_improbable_01

Giuseppe_ Colarusso_improbable_02

Giuseppe_ Colarusso_improbable_03

Giuseppe_ Colarusso_improbable_04

Giuseppe_ Colarusso_improbable_05

Giuseppe_ Colarusso_improbable_06

Giuseppe_ Colarusso_improbable_07

Giuseppe_ Colarusso_improbable_08

Giuseppe_ Colarusso_improbable_09

Giuseppe_ Colarusso_improbable_10

Giuseppe_ Colarusso_improbable_11

Giuseppe_ Colarusso_improbable_12

Giuseppe_ Colarusso_improbable_13

Giuseppe_ Colarusso_improbable_14

Giuseppe_ Colarusso_improbable_15

Giuseppe_ Colarusso_improbable_16