Guy Builds Igloo in His Backyard and Listed It On Airbnb for $200 a Night

The blizzard of 2016 has wreaked havoc all over America’s east coast, stopping travel in its tracks and closing down businesses and schools for days. However, one man saw this as the perfect opportunity to flex his entrepreneurial muscle by making something out of what Mother Nature has mercilessly delivered right to his door. Patrick M. Horton built an igloo in his Brooklyn backyard and listed it on airbnb for $200 a night. The ‘Boutique Winter Igloo for 2’ came complete with a blanket that looks like it’s seen better days, mood lighting, waterproof pillows, and a potted evergreen to greet its guests. Although the post was later taken down by the rental company with a note filled with graciousness and humor, airbnb gave Horton a coupon for a free stay to acknowledge their shared appreciation in fine igloo architecture.