Human Sculptures Made From Recycled Electrical Cables

Some people consider electrical cords unsightly, but Hungarian artist Judit Rabóczky finds a way to make the cords and cables dynamic and beautiful. She twists and forms discarded electrical cables into human sculptures. The resulting sculptures are in poses that suggest movement and the brightly colored cords can even look like muscle strands. Rabóczky often uses discarded materials from the dumping grounds of closed factories for her work.

electric-cable-sculptures-judit raboczky-02

electric-cable-sculptures-judit raboczky-04

electric-cable-sculptures-judit raboczky-05

electric-cable-sculptures-judit raboczky-06

electric-cable-sculptures-judit raboczky-07

electric-cable-sculptures-judit raboczky-08

electric-cable-sculptures-judit raboczky-03