Japan Ushers In World’s First Hotel Run by Robots

Japan’s five-star Henn na Hotel is automating the hospitality process by staffing its entire establishment with robots. Oddly enough, its name translates to ‘Strange Hotel’ and from the hat-donning velociprator greeting guests at the front desk, we can’t say the name is too far off. Located inside Huis Ten Bosch, a theme park patterned after a typical Dutch town in Sasebo, Japan, the 72-room hotel was the brainchild of businessman Hideo Sawada who hopes to expand more of the revolutionary concept around the world. To keep costs low, interior decorations are kept to a minimum while prices are determined by demand with peak season rates fetching higher amounts based on a bidding process. Humans are still around to make sure the system runs smoothly and for security reasons but Sawada plans on having 90% of the hotel managed by robots in the near future. From the doors equipped with facial recognition technology to the body temperature regulating guest rooms, futuristic touches abound in the very innovative hotel.