Sculpture Balancing a Massive Glass Raindrop on Its Face Symbolizes Man’s Coexistence With Nature

We’re not one to stare at a painting for a long time and ponder what message the artist is trying to convey but this sculpture in Ukraine got us feeling that way big time. The 6 foot tall bronze sculpture called “Rain” is a statue of a man looking upwards with a glob of translucent glass resting on his face. The figure looks quite content and unruffled by the giant raindrop that landed on its face and that’s exactly what makes us tilt our head in wonder. According to Ukrainian artist Nazar Bilyk, there exists a symbiotic relationship between the man and the giant raindrop, thus explaining the acceptance demonstrated by the solitary figure: “The figure has a loose and porous structure and relates to dry land, which absorbs water. In this work I play with scale, making a raindrop large enough to compare a man with an insect, considering that man is a part of nature. Moreover, this work concerns the question of interaction and difficulties in coexistence of man with environment.”