Smart Cocktail Shaker Lets Everyone Create the Perfect Drink

Everyone likes to think they have a special talent at making cocktails until they see the drinks they mixed barely sipped on at the party. Enter B4RM4N, the smart cocktail shaker that brings the science of mixology right in the novice’s fingertips. B4RM4N connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and lets you know exactly when to stop pouring an ingredient at the right time, thus eliminating the measuring guesswork accompanying mixed drinks. The sleek shaker comes with a strip of LEDs that goes from red to green when the right amount has been poured of a certain liquid and prompts your smartphone to give you the signal to pour in the next ingredient. In addition to letting you know the exact recipe for drinks, B4RM4N will even suggest the kinds of drinks you can make with what’s currently stocked in your bar and fridge. Visit Magnified Self’s Kickstarter page for a convincing demo.

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