Supercut Features 100 of the Best Films of the Century

Filmmaker Jacob T. Swinney creates a compilation of the century’s best films in ‘100 Years/100 Shots‘ that’s sure to make any movie buff shed a tear over the masterful supercut. The video short was honored as an Official Selection at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival and features some of the most iconic cinemas of our time from timeless classics like Casablanca and The Wizard of Oz to pop culture favorites like Reservoir Dogs and The Lord of the Rings. As for why some films were selected over others, Swinney has this to say: “While many of these shots are the most recognizable in film history, others are equally iconic in their own right. For example, some shots pioneered a style or defined a genre, while others tested the boundaries of censorship and film-goer expectations. If anything, I want this video to be a reminder as to why we all love cinema so much.”