The Raindrop Cake is the New Food Craze and it’s Guilt-Free

Darren Wong creates the ultimate dessert that anyone can indulge in without feeling the pang of guilt after demolishing an entire serving with the Raindrop Cake. The idea of the cake is originally from Japan and was inspired by traditional Mizu Shingen Mochi. After reading about the mystifying dessert in articles and waiting over a year for it to come to the U.S., Wong decided he’d make it himself and thus launched the next food craze. Made with nothing but water and agar which helps keep its roundish shape, the delicacy itself doesn’t have much of a taste but pairing it together with their signature condiments of black sugar syrup and roasted soy flour, the dessert is launched to another level with a textural and taste explosion. Though Wong has plans on expanding, the raindrop cake is currently limited to shoppers at the Smorgasburg Outdoor Flea Market in New York.