Travelbox is the Ingenious Solution For Those Constantly on the ‘Move’

Austrian designer Stefan Juust creates an ingenious solution for the likes of those moving out for the first time but find themselves strapped for the essential furnishings. Despite its small packaging, Travelbox stores all the necessary items needed for those just starting out on their own as well as some storage items for personal belongings. Weighing in at 132 lbs and measuring in at 4′ x 7,’ the ‘apartment in a box’ contains a bed, table, chair, bike, and a kit to transform the original box into a small closet with shelves. Compact and easily movable, Travelbox appeals to those who crave the feeling of home in an instant and was designed to be environmentally friendly. According to Juust, “Rather than being dependent on continually purchasing new furniture in each of your destinations – an approach that is both expensive and environmentally wasteful – the Travelbox prioritizes quality and provides the opportunity for re-use.” While currently not for sale yet, Juust is already well into the development part of the process and those interested in purchasing one should definitely keep an eye out.