Architecture Firm Installs Marble Urinal in the Middle of a Parking Lot

Bureau A installs an outdoor urinal as part of the Common Ground Project, a campaign for public art spaces named after areas in history (referred to as ‘the commons’) used by people to gather in to build a sense of community. According to the local architecture firm: “Public space needs to stay public, open and support debate and creative proposals of any kind, whether they are social, political or cultural.” Installed in Zurich’s Pfingstweid outdoor parking lot, ‘Fountain 2017‘ stands out in many ways apart from being a urinal out in the open. From the Portuguese pink marble imported from Lisbon to the channel along the bottom emptying out into a pothole filled with plants, perhaps the quirkiest part of it all is the light stick above the art installation/restroom that so conveniently lights up the path towards relief in a darkened parking lot.