4-year-old Fights Back Tears Through A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera’s “Say Something”

Men sometimes have a hard time getting in touch with their emotional side but for this little man, all it takes is a sad melody to trigger the waterworks. Jackson Blitch was on his way to his grandparent’s house when A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera’s song “Say Something” came on the radio and he had a moment. The video was taken by his dad whom you can hear repeatedly ask whether he wants him to change the station, but the 4-year-old gives him a two-thumbs-up as a signal to leave the song on. His dad, Mark Blitch, told the Today show “If someone in a movie he is watching is in peril – ‘The Lion King’ or ‘The Croods’ – he loses it. As parents, my wife and I don’t want to traumatize our son, obviously, but we feel like it’s our responsibility to assure him that it’s okay to get emotional about things that affect us.” Blitch posted the video on YouTube thinking that it would be something cute to show his wife and family but instead, the video went viral getting over a million hits.