These Awesome Illustrations Will Remind You What’s Wrong in the World

Art can be so great because it can be a potent weapon that you can wield to get a message across. In this case, illustrator/animator Steve Cutts used his art to depict the things that are wrong in the world. He comments on the ills of society such as consumerism, capitalism, materialism, and gluttony through his illustrations. Cutts’ caricatures pretty much says, “hey, we may be going about life the wrong way–let’s rectify that.” Everyone should take the time to check out Cutts’ fine work below.

This Cookbook Visualizes the Cravings of Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can cause women to have all sorts of cravings, ranging from the not-so-out-of-the-ordinary to the downright weird. Regardless, these are perfectly understandable since pregnant women have to crave and eat for two people, after all. Now, what artists Juarez Rodriguez and Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus did was visualize these sometimes unusual urges with a series of photographs entitled “Eating for Two.”

Skipping Rocks Like a Boss

Faced with a placid lake and a slew of rocks underfoot, many of us feel the surge of victory upon a successful 3 or 4 skips on the water with a smooth pebble. However, don’t pat yourself on the back just yet before you see what Kurt ‘MountainMan’ Steiner’s powerful arm brings to the table.