Unexpected Photos of Romania

Hajdu Tamas’s delicate, and sometimes humorous, photographs of everyday life in a Romanian town offer a unique glimpse into a culture on the brink between the past and modernism. This native son isn’t afraid to take shots of the absurdity life presents.

Rare Photographs Inside Movie Theaters Circa 1943

Arthur Fellig captures a candid glimpse of moviegoers in a darkened theater in New York circa 1943 for a one-of-a-kind series of photographs. Using an infrared flash and a special film, the Austrian photojournalist was able to take pictures in a rare setting displaying a direct reflection of behavior at the time from teenagers stealing kisses to the commonality of men dressed in buttoned-up suits.

Artist Sketches 50 Realistic Foods Everyday for 50 Days

CJ Hendry illustrates different food on French designer plates that are amazingly real and so well done that it’s hard to believe she made each one in just a day for her series “50 Foods in 50 Days.” Posting a picture of her work on her Instagram account every 24 hours, Hendry exhibits complete devotion to her hyperrealism art as no detail is neglected in the ornate, oversized plates nor in the featured food item of the day.