Attention, World: We Now Have a Robot Samurai in Our Midst

Today is indeed the future, as a fully functional robot samurai now exists among us. Naturally, it’s the Japanese that gave birth to the blade-swinging machine. Created by Industrial Robot maker Yaskawa, the Motoman-MH24 can mimic the incredible swordplay of a master samurai. Seeing the machine cut a thin pea pod with perfect precision is just plain ridiculous.

Women Swoon Over Handsome Gorilla at Japanese Zoo

We don’t know whether to stash this under the ridiculous news of the day or to openly admit that we too think that Shabani is one handsome dude, er, ape. The Western Lowland Primate has been a resident of Japan’s Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens since 2007 but has only captured the hearts of Japanese women just recently.

Ice Tunnel Lets You Trek Through the Heart of a Glacier

Earlier this month, Icelandic adventure tour operators Baldvin Einarsson and Hallgrímur Örn Arngrímsson opened ‘Into the Glacier,’ setting the record for the largest man-made ice tunnel and ice structure ever. Dug out of Langjökull, one of the biggest glaciers in Iceland, the project provides a unique experience for visitors to witness how packed snow gradually turns into glacial ice.