Traditional Japanese Animal Lollipops

Twenty-six-year-old Shinri Tezuka is keeping the ancient tradition of Amezaiku, the art of making realistic animal lollipops, going. This Japanese art form was started in the 8th century and is an exceptionally intense and painstaking process. The resulting lollipops are true works of art that in no way, shape, or form suck.

Paintings of Animals with Landscape Bodies

Daniel Mackie’s beautiful watercolor paintings add a new dimension to the animals he draws. Each animal’s body is illustrated by a lush and detailed landscape. According to his website, “Daniel is a big fan of the printmakers of the Ukiyo-e period, which was between the 17th and 20th centuries.”

Animal Tattoos in the “Pixel & Glitch” Style

No one ever wants to hear that his or her tattoo artist made a slip-up while working—unless that was the intention. For Russian artist, Lesha Lauz, the “Pixel & Glitch” tattoo technique is an art form that he’s willing to teach other artists. In the mix of his vivid animal tattoos, he adds an additional layer of a digital glitch.

What We’re Willing To Do For a Craving

Jens Kristian Balle creates a clever spin on a bait and tackle situation called ‘Temptations.’ The Vancouver-based commercial photographer creates a juxtaposition between the brightly hued background and simple items to create a thought-provoking series on just what people are willing to do to satisfy their craving.

365 Days of Amazing Conceptual Renderings

Joey Camacho resolved to master rendering images using Cinema 4D and Octane Render and to do so, he dived right into it with a grueling year-long project. Creating a conceptual, rendered image everyday for a year for the aptly-named series ‘Progress Before Perfection,’ the Vancouver-based graphic designer’s style becomes noticeably more complex and sophisticated from his chosen objects to the varied colors.

35 Food Names That Get Lost in Translation

Marketing agencies spend countless hours coming up with and testing food names. That’s why it’s such a shame when these foods lose their witty names in translation. This collection of 35 foods with translated names like, Soup for Sluts and Spotted Dick Sponge Pudding, has jaw-dropping names.