Remarkable Photographs of International Borders

To most of us, international borders may remind us of snaking lines at customs, security-laden checkpoints or even an enigmatic line drawn on a map but never visibly seen but according to these images, what separates one country from another may be as easy as simply walking across the street, crossing a river, or in Spain and Portugal’s case, ziplining over a waterway.

See These Gorgeous Images of a Real-Life Waterworld

Many of us have imagined what it’s like to live on water, and have wondered if it’s truly better than living on land. Based on Malaysian lensman Ng Choo Kia’s beautiful images, it certainly appears to be an attractive option. The photographer captured the way of life of Malaysia’s Bajau people who live in stilted homes atop clear, turquoise waters.

Feeling Froggy? Check Out This Gallery of Unusual Frogs

Frogs are akin to dresses. They come in various sizes and colors, with some having the capacity to blend with their surroundings. While some of you may be creeped out (some dresses induce the same effect as well) with this gallery, the images also showcase the diversity of these amphibians. These unique frogs from all over the world are certainly worth a look.

Attention, World: We Now Have a Robot Samurai in Our Midst

Today is indeed the future, as a fully functional robot samurai now exists among us. Naturally, it’s the Japanese that gave birth to the blade-swinging machine. Created by Industrial Robot maker Yaskawa, the Motoman-MH24 can mimic the incredible swordplay of a master samurai. Seeing the machine cut a thin pea pod with perfect precision is just plain ridiculous.