Sewn Fabrics Imitate Real-Life Items

Do Ho Suh creates renditions of his past homes growing up throughout the years using sewn polyester. The Korean artist, whose fabric sculptures of true-to-size replicas of furniture, appliances, and ultimately spaces he lived in, first makes a blueprint of each item which, ironically enough, ends up looking like a 3d rendition of a blueprint.

Old Fort Turned Luxury Hotel

Originally built between 1867 and 1880 as a first line of defense from a possible French invasion, No Man’s Fort is located on a man-made island on the river that separates the Isle of Wight from England. After two years of renovation, just one of 3 by Amazing Venues, the historic sea fort has been transformed into a posh, modern hotel.

Ads Show Magical Doorways Into Food

Ogilvy & Mather New York partnered up with ad agency Ars Thanea to create a whimsical and delectable print campaign for Dupont Nutrition & Health. With the tagline “Fresh Thinking. It’s What’s Inside,” scientists at the research & development company touts unmatched expertise in solving today’s food and nutrition challenges.

Pencil Shaving Art

From the Cat in the Hat to Nelson Mandela, artist Meghan Maconochie has found a way to take pencil shavings and transform them into art. As part of a 365 day Instagram project, Maconochie hand sharpens pencils and layers the shavings on cards or paper to create her works.

Kid vs. Kite

In this entertaining cat and mouse game by Youtuber DJSpillz, the characters are a kid on the beach chasing a Revolution sport kite. Every time the young lad gets close, the kite throws him for another loop. It’s funny to see how this kid takes on the challenge of outwitting an advanced kite that his precise speed, angling and direction.

Giving Old Cars Wings

Inspired by his Citroen, a car known for it’s smooth handling that it’s often been dubbed ‘flying carpet,’ Sylvain VIAU reimagines what his vintage cars would look like if they really did have the capability to fly. By cropping their wheels and applying appropriately-sized shadows beneath each one, VIAU has given each older-model car a chance at the idea even if it’s just on picture with ‘Flying Cars.’