Over 100 Street Artists Transform Tunisian Village into Their Canvas

In the small Tunisian village, Er-Riadh, 150 street artists, from 30 different countries, gathered to create an unprecedented public street art exhibition. The event was organized and made possible by French Galerie Itinerrance founder, Mehdi Ben Cheikh, to pay homage the village’s history of Muslims, Christians and Jews living in the beautiful surroundings for the last 2,000 years.

Recreating Family Pictures as Done by 23 Different Artists

There is nothing more precious to a mother’s heart than her family and Ernst Berlin hit the nail on the head when he gave his wife and new mom Agnes the perfect birthday gift. Using the Reddit Gets Drawn subreddit where people can submit their photographs and ask the community’s artists to submit their own renditions of the image, he asked 50 redditors if they would redraw his family’s pictures.

Stripping Groceries Naked

Sara Wolf and Miena Glimbovski, the brainchilds behind Original Unverpackt or “Originally Unpackaged” in Berlin, are starting a revolution. Disillusioned by the amount of disposable packaging they generated after preparing a dinner for their friends one night, the duo came up with the idea of setting up a grocery store and doing away with all the wasteful packaging altogether.

Eco-Friendly Moss Graffiti

The debate about whether graffiti is art or vandalism isn’t going to be resolved anytime soon, but the DIY moss graffiti movement will certainly add some doubt to the naysayers. Using a simple recipe that includes blended moss, buttermilk or yogurt, water or beer and optional corn syrup, burgeoning artists can make their mark in an Earth-loving way.