Tree Roots Going Jurassic Park on Concrete

Mankind is a great builder. The roads, buildings and cities are a testament of our achievements. And though such things are a boon to civilized living, nature is there to reclaim what ground it can. These photos of tree roots growing over concrete show just that. This proves that nature can’t be contained and will find a way to break free. Nature wins.

Real People Turned Into Flat Images

Alexa Meade throws us in for a loop by skipping the canvas altogether by painting something three dimensional and tricking the eye into seeing a flat piece of art. . The Los Angeles based artist was slated to go into a career into political science when her dabbles in painting shadows provided a eureka moment that led her to doing art full time.

Traveling Basketball Pits Band Against Band

Rigsketball smashes the boundaries of pick-up games by bringing the hoop out of the court and pitting artistic types against each other for a good old game of basketball. Bim Ditson had the idea of rigging a basketball hoop on top of his band’s van and invited Portland’s music community to come out and play for a bracket style basketball tournament.

The Lilliputian Worlds of Kendal Murray

Each object is its own little world. That’s what artist Kendal Murray’s miniature sculptures seem to portray. Teacups, coin purses and compacts are just some of the worlds her landscapes encompass. The objects delineate the boundaries so hopefully the little sculptured people don’t fall off that teacup.

Easy Way to Make Your Walls Fancy

Sometimes you need to gussy up the broadside of a barn. These paint rollers from The Painted House, a UK based company, should do the job. The rollers come in different designs are reusable and interchangeable. If your barn does not need to get fancy you can use them on old furniture or make your own wrapping paper.

These Trees Are Some of Nature’s Finest Poetry

The poet Joyce Kilmer said it best when he said, “I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree.” A tree planted in the ground just grows there with patience and persistence over many years, some spanning hundreds of years. These photos are a testament to the trees’ majesty and spirit, form and function that only Nature can produce.

Sagaki Keita Draws Images Within Images

Just as Monet painted dots to create a larger picture, Sagaki Keita draws pictures to create a larger picture. The Tokyo-based artist draws some amazingly realistic pictures in black and white when viewed from a distance but a closer look reveals his true genius.