This Ring Is so Useful, We Bet Sauron Would Wear It

Talented jewelry maker Bruce Boone created a useful ring perfect for any guy. Crafted from aerospace-grade titanium, The Man Ring is features practical tools for everyday life hidden within its design. Functions include a straight blade perfect for cutting, a serrated blade for tougher items, a saw to cut through wood and plastic, a tiny comb for stache, and of course, a bottle opener.

Apocalypse in the Making

Evgeny Kazantsev created a series of apocalyptic images that are amazingly realistic and downright grim in Cataclysm Happens. The digital artist and graphic designer from Russia created a glimpse of a slow deteriorating world for each month of the year for Gefest Insurance Company’s annual calendar.

A Comforting Glow in the Dark of the Night

Dan Witz has been a staple in the street art scene way back when it was still rooted deeply underground but for this collection of realistic paintings, he is sticking to oil and digital media on canvas. Nightscapes feature a thoughtful look at everyday establishments blending in with hundreds of others during the day but instantly transform into beacons of light as night draws in.

Dave Hax Explains How To Steal Pizza

Pizza night with friends is great, until you step away for refreshments and come back to an empty box. Never let that happen again by putting aside a generous serving for yourself with none the wiser. In this video, Dave Hax demonstrates his pizza hack in detail so you get your fair share of pie every time.