The Fishy Dishes of Artist Keng Lye

These 3D paintings by Singaporean artist Keng Lye would be considered fishware more than dishware. Lye created the effect of fish swimming in plates and bowls. He accomplished this by pouring layers of clear resin in a container and painting on it. The end result is what looks like a fish or turtle floating in a dish. The effect is amazing and will make you compare it to the real thing.

Crayon Carvings from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

We’ve featured crayon carvings in the past, but the Star Wars set by Hoang Tran is quickly becoming one of our favorites. Available for purchase in Tran’s Etsy store are intricate carvings of popular characters like Vader, Yoda, Chewy, Boba Fett, R2, C3PO and more. Cant’ find the character you like? Don’t fret, Tran also does custom requests. For another […]

Emotional Cups from Gawatt

Whether it be creating a character for you coffee, or simply letting everyone know how you’re feeling, these innovative souvenir cups sure do raise a smile. Or frown. Or wink. Courtesy of designers at Backbone Branding it’s a limited edition range exclusively for Gawatt.