Eat Your Spoon With Bakeys Edible Utensils

Bakeys in Hyberabad India has a solution for the increasing number of plastic flatware in landfills. The Edible Cutlery is truly consumable, made using various flour with no additives or preservatives, and baked into the shape of a spoon. It’s so simple yet very functional and sustainable. We’d say these utensils are guilt-free, that is unless you’re on a low-carb diet.

Robert’s Simple Home Method of Grafting

Robert Mahar shows us how to graft a banana and a kiwi to create a unique fruit that can easily be grown in a pot. “Grafting is a gardening technique used by people who grow fruit trees where you take a limb from one tree and graft it onto a trunk of another” to grow a tree that bears two types of fruit. Skip to 1:56 to learn a simpler home method of grafting that can be done using food scraps.

Food Photography Secrets Revealed

Food porn is not everything we thought it was and just like real porn, everything is staged to perfection. Fresh food would never cut it through hours of photo shoots under warm lights and so food stylists have to reach into their bag of tricks to make the star of the show last.

Cheese-Stuffed Pizza Pretzel

Tasty Meals transformed a pizza crust in a tube into a delicious cheese-stuffed pizza pretzel. The recipe only calls for shredded mozzarella cheese and slices of pepperoni, but you might as well add your favorite beer to the list to complement the snack.