How To Become A Sushi Chef

If you think bagging a sushi kit on Amazon makes you a sushi chef, think again. There’s a lot more to it than rolling crab meat in rice and seaweed. Watch this video by Eater of Oona Tempest, an apprentice sushi chef at New York City’s Tanoshi Sushi, on what it takes to become a full-fledged sushi master.

How Rainbow Bagels are Made

Last year, we featured the most psychedelic bagels found on the east coast. The Bagel Store in Brooklyn is known for crafting delicious rainbow bagels for over 20 years. We’ve always wondered how they’re made, and after seeing this video, we’re glad it’s not with unicorn poop.

Sushi Robots in Japan

When it comes to making sushi, no one can match the speed and efficiency of Suzumo’s sushi robots. Anticipating the need of high-volume supermarkets and all-you-can-eat-buffets, this Japanese firm created its first sushi robot in 1981. Now, 90% of the world’s sushi bots come from Suzumo. Their machines can easily create up to 4,000 pieces of sushi per hour, as well as one complete roll of sushi every 12 seconds.