Yummy Gummy Coke Candy

We’re sure that this giant gummy candy of popular sugary drink will be a hit in any gathering. Follow Morena DIY as she transforms a whole bottle of Coca-Cola into a yummy sweet treat. We suggest using Coke Zero or Diet Coke for a guilt-free desert.

Sriracha Packets: Hot Sauce On-The-Go

Following the success of Sriracha2Go is Huy Fong Foods’ newest convenient travel pack. The Sriracha Packets are the first individual sachets filled with our favorite hot sauce. The packets are available in 50 pack for $15 and 200 pack for $35. Now we can douse anything with Sriracha anytime, anywhere.

How to Make Popcorn on the Cob

Upgrade your next binge-watching experience with this snack sure to impress your guest. Produce supplier Farmhouse Delivery demonstrates how you can turn an ordinary corn on the cob into popcorn on the cob. Simply apply some butter on corn, stash it in a brown paper bag and microwave.

Panda Express Orange Chicken Burrito

The folks at Foodbeast combined two our favorite go-to fast food on their latest video: burrito and anything on the Panda Express menu. If you have a tortilla wrap sitting in your fridge, you already have half of the ingredients needed (kinda) for this awesomeness. Do a quick drive to your nearest Panda Express to pick up the rest.

How to Make Panda Sushi Rolls

You’ll be the envy of your friends when you serve Panda Sushi Rolls at your next dinner party. All you need are seaweed wrappers, soy sauce, rice, sushi-grade tuna, fish roe, coriander and some creativity. Check out this video and you’ll be making panda rolls like a master sushi chef in no time.