There’s a Lollipop Lurking in Your Drink

We as a society react to visuals a lot better than to some professional lecturing us about what we’re doing wrong so Henry Hargreaves seized the opportunity to teach us an important lesson we could all understand in (de)hydrate. While some people may scoff at sucking on a Dumdum while happily guzzling down their Vitamin Water, the Brooklyn-based photographer and food artist brings it all into perspective as to how sugary treats and some beverages are a lot alike in their contents. Boiling away the water from popular beverages and pouring the leftover sugar into molds, Hargreaves brings the damning truth about what makes the refreshing drinks so addictive and though it shouldn’t be a surprise, it still makes us cringe to see it in plain view. According to an interview by Mashable, “I knew they (sugary drinks) were kind of rubbish and I’d get a kick if someone was able to react in a way that might change their habits by seeing these.”

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