Crazy Hair Styles for Crazy Hair Days

During Crazy Hair Days in school, kids get a chance to go wild with their do without getting sent to the princinpal’s office. The crazier, the better. Nothing is over the top as you can see from these photos. One thing’s for sure, these kids – and their parents – are not #basic.

This MacBook Selfie Stick Is Ridiculous. Ridiculously Awesome!

It’s a shame this selfie stick is not for sale. The MacBook Selfie Stick was made for an art project poking fun at society’s obsession with selfies. We’re sure there are many people out there eager to look even more obnoxious while taking a selfie. We hope Moises (Art404), John Yuyi, and Tom Galle seriously consider starting a crowdfunding campaign to get this on the market.

Casually Explained: Lifting

Many folks don’t understand some people’s obsession with bodybuilding but there’s something about lifting that many gym-goers are unaware. For those who want to begin the journey of lifting and not fitting in doorways anymore, Casually Explained lists the three crucial steps to success.

No Pain No Gain (Gore)

Two gym rats took the phrase “no pain, no gain” to a whole new level in the latest episode of TheOfficialLoganPaul. Instead of doing normal sit-ups or crunches to gain the perfect physique, Logan decides to go the extra mile and endure the extra pain for better results. It’s a bit gory but it’s funny, so who cares?