Urinal Etiquette

We’re not sure what prompted DudeDay to create this Urinal Etiquette video, but we’re glad they did. Some men should take note that it’s not okay to talk on your phone or to another stranger while on the urinal. But we’re a little confused why it’s wrong to eat a drumstick in the bathroom.

The Bro Code is Strong

Bro Code is a set of unwritten rules and guidelines to live by between bros. Since these rules are unwritten, they are not common knowledge. Yet us bros just know. This video is a good example of a bro code bonding bros together. Just don’t ask us which bro code this is because we don’t know either.

Penis Wins a Wrestling Match

If you think professional wresting was fake, wait until you see this match between Joey Ryan and Danshoku Dino in Osaka, Japan. Sometime during the match, Danshoku tried to cheat by putting Ryan’s crotch in a submission hold, but this move took an unexpected twist. To be honest, we can’t imagine anyone getting out of this type of death grip, but we’re guessing if you have a penis like Ryan, you can get in and out of anything.