Fish Wearing a Jellyfish

While freediving in Byron Bay off the north coast of New South Wales in Australia, Tim Samuel came across a rare and fascinating sighting of a fish trapped inside a jellyfish. Surprisingly, the Australian-based photographer has had the photo on his Instagram account since late last year but only started going viral after being republished by DiscoverOcean.

Experiment: How Does an Owl Fly So Silently?

BBC program, Super Powered Owls conducts an experiment to learn more about these nocturnal creatures. By using sensitive sound equipment and setup, the team find out how silently owls fly compared to other birds. Makes sense to be almost completely silent when hunting at night.

Hippos Chomp Down on Whole Watermelons

This week, we’re taking a break from posting videos of a hydraulic press destroying something. But to satisfy our need to see something being crushed, we bring you hippos devouring watermelons. There’s something oddly satisfying watching these lumbering giants eat whole watermelons in one