Starbucks and Nike Partner Up for Coffee-Themed Sneakers

This might come off as an insult to die-hard sneakerheads but two unlikely brands have come together for a mashup that we’re not quite sure how to feel about. The Starbucks-themed SB Dunk Low Premium ($100) contains the coffee giant’s trademark colors for the leather trim and sole and a swirl design reminiscent of our favorite frothy beverage.

Star Wars Mania Hits the Great Wall of China

With the impending release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and all the hype that comes with releasing another installation of an epic saga, Disney is marketing it in an equally big way. In the Juyongguan section of The Great Wall Of China, 500 stormtrooper figures stood their grounds as part of a promotional campaign for the upcoming movie.

30 Ad Placement Snafus

Sometimes even the best-designed advertisement can become a complete failure because of where it’s placed. From unfortunate misspellings to sexual innuendos, sometimes it really is all about location, location, location.

Ads Show Magical Doorways Into Food

Ogilvy & Mather New York partnered up with ad agency Ars Thanea to create a whimsical and delectable print campaign for Dupont Nutrition & Health. With the tagline “Fresh Thinking. It’s What’s Inside,” scientists at the research & development company touts unmatched expertise in solving today’s food and nutrition challenges.