A Device That Reports Back to You

Estimote brings the search and find technology that beacons are known for and makes it work for everyday life. The oddly-shaped pastel devices contain small wireless sensors that can broadcast radio signals to your smartphone for what the company refers to as “contextual awareness.” Basically, the beacons will communicate the type of objects, ownership, location, temperature, and movement of their surroundings back to you in real-time. Whereas the beacons report information about the static area around it such as stores and restaurants, Nearables are the thinner sticker versions designed specifically to stick on objects used in everyday life. It lets the average person keep track of their immediate area such as how much activity their dog is logging today, when that bottle of wine in the refrigerator has reached the ideal temperature, or if someone moves your bike from its parking spot. Be one of the lucky ones to own the future of sensor technology and pre-order your very own Nearables here.

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