Artist Transforms Public Restroom Into a Giant Cake

Looking like a cake shop more than anything else, ‘Melting Dreams‘ serves those needing to relieve themselves rather than those looking for a sweet treat. As part of the 2015 Oita Toilennale, 16 groups of artists were invited by the city of Oita to transform public restrooms into art exhibitions as a way to boost tourism to the area. With their large-scale art installation, Minako Nishiyama, Mika Kasahara and Yuma Haruna creates a dessert lover’s dream complete with icing that lights up at night and large pictures of an ice-cream sundae inside the very pink restroom. But aside from the prettiness of it all, Nishiyama has a message that goes well beyond looks: “The concept of the piece is that Japan, the sweet country of ambiguity, is beginning to crumble.” The festival lasts through September 23.

melting-dream- OitaToilennale_minako-nishiyama-01

melting-dream- OitaToilennale_minako-nishiyama-06

melting-dream- OitaToilennale_minako-nishiyama-03

melting-dream- OitaToilennale_minako-nishiyama-05

melting-dream- OitaToilennale_minako-nishiyama-02

melting-dream- OitaToilennale_minako-nishiyama-04

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