Artist Wills Change Through Graphic Series of Photos

To some artists, art is an outlet for them to express their creative side while to others, art is a way for them to prove a point. As for John Burgerman, he chooses to do the latter. With “Head Shots,” the NYC-based artist brings to light the numerous violent images blatantly posted in public places where no one is spared from seeing them. The ongoing series pins Burgerman catching the receiving end of a gun or a bow depending on the actor’s choice of weapon on the movie poster. He doesn’t actually go around splattering fake blood on subway platforms but instead, he adds blood digitally to bring in a graphic and gory effect to each photo. His hope is to raise awareness to the violent imagery that surrounds our day to day lives and he hopes that these photographs will act as a catalyst for change. Here at Lost in Internet, we couldn’t agree with him more.